OpenDC - Open Data Consultants

Data analysis, model development and mobility studies, based on Open Data and Open Source tools and languages.

About us

OpenDC is a start-up specialised in data analysis and mobility studies. OpenDC mainly works with open data sets and open source languages.

OpenDC helps businesses and public bodies find open data that can help them get new insights, be more efficient or develop new products. We help find, download, store, analyse and visualise the data. We use mainly open source tools (but are not limited to them) and can provide our client with the source code and tools developed to deliver our product. OpenDC also has extensive experience in the analysis of mobility data such as mobility survey data, GPS and mobile phone data and can assist on mobility studies and model development.


Our projects

Our selection of projects illustrates our expertise in the fields of open data analysis, GPS and mobile phone data, transport modelling and software development.

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Our services

Some examples of services provided by OpenDC that can help your business become more efficient and unlock new insights:

Analysis of Open Datasets

OpenDC helps you find, load, analyse and visualise open data sets.

Mapping and other visualisation

We build communicative maps and use GIS features to get new insights.

QGIS Plugin Development

We develop custom advanced GIS plugins under the QGIS API.

Process automation

OpenDC helps you develop tools to automate your repeated tasks.

Assistance on mobility studies

OpenDC supports your team on advanced mobility studies, pedestrian and transport modelling projects.

Advice on the use of mobile phone and GPS data

We can help you understand the strengths and limitations of the use of mobile phone technologies in the analysis of the patterns of people movement.

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Our favourite tools


OpenDC mainly uses open source tools but is not limited to them. We have extensive experience in using some proprietary tools such as VBA for Microsoft Office applications and can develop products based on those if required.